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FILM: Communication At Work: Introduction & Case Study FILM: The Marketing Series: 1 The Internet Revolution FILM: The Great Firewall Of China
28 mins, 2012 Why is communication so vital in a business?

31 mins, 2010 How technology drives marketing change.

20 mins, 2009 How China tries to censor the web.

FILM: ICT And Society: Technology's Children FILM: All About E-portfolios & Multimedia FILM: Cola Conquest I: A Classic Marketing Story
30 mins, 2009 What is ICT doing to us?

26 mins, 2008 Are e-portfolios the future for learning?

42 mins, 2008 How Coca-Cola built its brand.

FILM: Converging Technologies FILM: Impact Of Globalisation 1: Bhutan FILM: Designing A Website
31 mins, 2008 Mobile phones, games consoles and the internet.

31 mins, 2008 How global forces are changing a country.

30 mins, 2007 The principles of website design.

FILM: You Only Live Twice FILM: Always Coca-Cola FILM: Innocent Drinks
34 mins, 2007 Investigating virtual world Second Life.

29 mins, 2006 Image vs reality in a multinational.

27 mins, 2006 An in-depth look at Innocent Drinks.

FILM: McLibel: McDonald’s PR Disaster FILM: The Marketing Mix At Tesco FILM: Behind The Adverts
54 mins, 2005 Two people take on a multinational.

30 mins, 2003 A supermarket with too much power?

30 mins, 2001 What are adverts doing to us?

FILM: The Cinema FILM: The Language Of Advertising FILM: The Marketing Mix At Häagen-Dazs
25 mins, 2001 How the film-going experience is changing.

30 mins, 2001 Classic ads and how they work.

32 mins, 2001 The battle for ice cream sales.

FILM: The TV Advert FILM: Marketing A Theme Park FILM: The Marketing Mix At Cadbury's
32 mins, 2000 Lara Croft and Lucozade.

35 mins, 1998 Alton Towers launch a new ride.

35 mins, 1998 The launch of a chocolate bar.

FILM: The Presentation FILM: Letter Writing For Business FILM: The Magazine

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32 mins, 1998 A guide to making a case.

34 mins, 1997 Typical mistakes and a practical guide.

34 mins, 1996 Case study of "lads' mag" Loaded.