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FILM: UPDATE: Too Much Tourism? The Lake District FILM: The Energy Question: Nuclear, Wind Or Fossil? FILM: The Power Of A Multinational
50 mins, 2016 Updated version of the original classic TV Choice tourism film.

24 mins, 2011 The world debates which energy path to take.

30 mins, 2010 A farmer battles Monsanto and GM.

FILM: Pig Business: The Cost of Cheap Food FILM: Too Much Tourism? 2: Snowdonia FILM: Amazon: The Logging Wars
30 mins, 2009 The impact of globalised meat production.

27 mins, 2009 Tourism issues in a national park.

25 mins, 2008 Enterprise vs environment in the rainforest.

FILM: The Great Meltdown FILM: The Green Pioneers FILM: Tipping Point?
60 mins, 2008 Melting glaciers and global warming.

32 mins, 2008 Companies with a green USP.

35 mins, 2008 Global warming: the evidence.

FILM: World Tourism Case Studies FILM: Biofuel From Brazil FILM: An Energy Revolution?
62 mins, 2008 Tourism issues in Asia, US & Africa.

26 mins, 2007 Petrol and profits from sugar crops.

21 mins, 2007 German approach to renewable energy.

FILM: The Green Factory FILM: Greening A Business FILM: India: 100% Cotton
27 mins, 2007 Ecover's manufacturing methods.

62 mins, 2007 Two companies try to "go green".

30 mins, 2007 The human costs of producing T-shirts.

FILM: Always Coca-Cola FILM: Can You Be Sure Of Shell? FILM: Sustainable Development
29 mins, 2006 Image vs reality in a multinational.

30 mins, 2006 Critical profile of the oil multinational.

34 mins, 2006 Stark dangers facing the planet.

FILM: Tuvalu: Going Under FILM: Baked Alaska FILM: Impact Of Tourism: Thailand
26 mins, 2004 Climate change and rising seas.

27 mins, 2003 Oil, jobs and global warming.

25 mins, 2003 The other face of tourism in Thailand.

FILM: Impact Of Tourism: Amazon FILM: Impact Of Tourism: Gambia FILM: Impact Of Tourism: Majorca
25 mins, 2002 Will tourists help or hurt the Amazon?

33 mins, 2001 A developing world case study.

30 mins, 2000 The real cost of cheap Spanish holidays.

FILM: Impact Of Tourism: Ruegen FILM: Impact Of Tourism: Antigua FILM: Too Much Tourism? 1: The Lake District
26 mins, 1999 East German resort faces change.

31 mins, 1998 A holiday paradise - or it it?

45 mins, 1997 Is tourism threatening the lakes?

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