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TV Choice is an independent UK producer and distributor of educational resources. These include educational films, film clips and digital textbooks.

Founded in 1982, TV Choice's film catalogue includes over 150 films covering a wide range of subjects from business and technology to the environment and history.

THE TEAM: TV Choice's members come from teaching and publishing backgrounds, and are committed to providing resources which are both realistic and entertaining, have maximum learning value and a critical questioning edge.

THE FILMS: TV Choice's films include documentaries, dramas and drama-documentaries. While the films cover many different topics, they share a common approach, which is to explain their subjects clearly and to provoke thought and discussion among their viewers.

THE CLIPS: TV Choice is also building a library of short film clips (usually 6-10 minutes long), each one focussing on a key educational topics. The clips can be bought individually or in themed collections, to give users maximum flexibility in their use of the material.

SUPPORT MATERIALS: For educational purposes the films are designed to stand alone, but where specified TV Choice also provides support books, e-books, and other materials, specifically tailored to the needs of teachers and lecturers.

OUR USERS: TV Choice's educational resources are used by schools, colleges, universities, libraries, private and public sector organisations throughout the world, as well as by private individuals. A key aim is to provide resources which can be used as flexibly as possible - from classroom use to self-study, from research to pure individual interest.