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FILM: UPDATE: Too Much Tourism? The Lake District FILM: Egypt: Tourism In Turmoil FILM: Impact Of Tourism: Kenya
Egypt: Tourism In Turmoil
50 mins, 2016 Updated version of the original classic TV Choice tourism film.

30 mins, 2014 Recent events in Egypt has shown how vulnerable tourism is to civil unrest

29 mins, 2011 Behind the scenes of Kenya’s tourism trade.

FILM: Marketing A National Park: Snowdonia FILM: Too Much Tourism? 2: Snowdonia FILM: The A-Z Of Customer Service
27 mins, 2009 Who markets the mountains?

27 mins, 2009 Tourism issues in a national park.

29 mins, 2008 Examples of customer care in action.

FILM: Inside A Hotel FILM: Systems At Dickens World FILM: World Tourism Case Studies
30 mins, 2008 People and jobs in a hotel chain.

25 mins, 2008 ICT in a visitor attraction.

62 mins, 2008 Tourism issues in Asia, US & Africa.

FILM: The Struggle For Sustainable Tourism FILM: Impact Of Tourism: Thailand FILM: Impact Of Tourism: Amazon
25 mins, 2005 People try ecotourism in Ecuador.

25 mins, 2003 The other face of tourism in Thailand.

25 mins, 2002 Will tourists help or hurt the Amazon?

FILM: Systems In Travel FILM: Impact Of Tourism: Gambia FILM: Marketing Holidays
25 mins, 2002 How travel firms use ICT.

33 mins, 2001 A developing world case study.

25 mins, 2001 Case studies of travel firms.

FILM: Impact Of Tourism: Majorca FILM: Inside A Travel Business FILM: Systems In A Hotel
30 mins, 2000 The real cost of cheap Spanish holidays.

28 mins, 2000 Business change in a travel firm.

27 mins, 2000 How one hotel uses ICT.

FILM: Impact Of Tourism: Ruegen FILM: Impact Of Tourism: Antigua FILM: Too Much Tourism? 1: The Lake District
26 mins, 1999 East German resort faces change.

31 mins, 1998 A holiday paradise - or it it?

45 mins, 1997 Is tourism threatening the lakes?

FILM: Tourism Businesses In The Lake District FILM: Keeping The Customer Satisfied
30 mins, 1997 Case studies of leisure firms.

32 mins, 1996 Can a travel firm improve its customer care?

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