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FILM: Inside A Factory: How They Make The Jaguar FILM: Inside A Factory 6: The Global Car FILM: Inside A Factory 7: Brompton Bikes
30 mins, 2013 How they make the Jaguar XJ at Castle Bromwich, UK.

28 mins, 2010 How a global chain makes a car part.

30 mins, 2010 How a folding bicycle is manufactured.

FILM: Inside A Factory 4: The DVD Player FILM: Inside A Factory 5: The PCB FILM: Methods Of Production
28 mins, 2009 How you make a home cinema system.

28 mins, 2009 How a printed circuit board is made.

28 mins, 2009 Job, batch and continuous flow.

FILM: Converging Technologies FILM: Designing A Website FILM: Flip Flotsam - An African Recycling Story
31 mins, 2008 Mobile phones, games consoles and the internet.

30 mins, 2007 The principles of website design.

26 mins, 2007 The story of Kenya's flip-flops.

FILM: The Green Factory FILM: India: 100% Cotton FILM: Inside A Factory 3: The Crisp Makers
27 mins, 2007 Ecover's manufacturing methods.

30 mins, 2007 The human costs of producing T-shirts.

28 mins, 2006 How Walkers and Tyrrells make their crisps.

FILM: Made In China FILM: A Decent Factory? FILM: Inside A Factory 2: Cadbury's
33 mins, 2006 Human realities of globalisation.

32 mins, 2005 Working conditions in a Chinese factory.

29 mins, 2005 How a chocolate bar is manufactured.

FILM: Systems In A Factory FILM: Inside A Factory 1: The New Mini FILM: How A Factory Works
27 mins, 2004 From CAD-CAM to robots.

26 mins, 2003 How the famous car is manufactured.

30 mins, 2001 How a cooker is manufactured.

FILM: Designing For The Market
29 mins, 1994 A new type of wheelchair.

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