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FILM: Bloody Mary: Villain Or Victim?


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63 mins, 2016       

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  • Mary I Of England
  • Henry VIII & The Reformation
  • Reputations In History
Did 'Bloody Mary' deserve the name? This gripping film takes us to the heart of a Tudor tragedy, with parallels to a modern world where religions are in conflict.

EVIL QUEEN? Mary Tudor, daughter of Henry VIII, ruled between 1553 and 1558, was painted as the evil queen who tried restore Catholicism to England, and who burned 283 Protestant martyrs at the stake.

OR BRAVE VICTIM? Or was Mary really a brave victim, who stood by her principles? Was she a victim of circumstances, caught up in her father's ferocious fight against the church in Rome? It's a tale of bloody political conflict, and personal tragedy.

This film is in three parts for ease of classroom use. Email for free support notes to help with understanding and class discussion.

The film uses elements from the feature film The Twisted Tale Of Bloody Mary.