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FILM: The European Union Explained
The European Union Explained

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30 mins, 2014

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Key Topics
  • The European Union
  • History
  • The EU Institutions
  • Arguments For And Against
Conceived as a noble cause, to prevent another war in Europe, the EU has become embroiled in controversy. But what is the EU? How does it work? Should we love it or hate it?

THE HISTORY, THE STRUCTURE We trace the EU from its beginnings as a coal and steel trading agreement, through to the structure and institutions of today: the Commission, the Council, The European Parliament. Enlargement, and the single currency, have brought great changes - and crisis.

CRISIS AND CONFLICT The world financial crash highlighted the divisions between the rich and poor members - and put great strain on the Eurozone. Why is there such a surge of euroscepticism across Europe and in UK especially? How will the EU fare against charges of corruption, bureaucratic waste and lack of democracy? We put all the arguments for viewers to decide.

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