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FILM: Managing Change In Organisations
FILM: Managing Change In Organisations

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36 mins, 2018

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Key Topics
  • Resistance to change (Kotter, Schlesinger et al)
  • Drivers of change
  • Change Projects: Why they fail, why they succeed.
PART 1 Introduction (21 mins)

Change in business is nothing new - it's the pace of change. The digital revolution has destroyed old businesses and created vast new empires. To survive, organisations must be quick to adapt - but people, generally, don't like change. How can change be best managed?

Drivers Of Change Change these might be threats or opportunities, they may come from inside or outside the organisation, they may involve a merger or restructuring - often it will require a cultural change.

Change Projects may be limited to one department or bold, company-wide initiatives - either way they will involve a change project. But the stats are not good: over 70% of change projects fail. Following the guidelines of Kotter and Schlesinger we look at why change projects fail - and how to overcome resistance. We hear other expert voices.

Also covered: how a change project is organised, the importance of leadership and follow-up.

PART 2 Change Management Case Studies (14 mins)

Note: the two case studies below repeat some material from the TV Choice films Change And Disruption: An Case Study and Global Change Strategies: The Car Industry. Amazon has been called the world's most disruptive company. It's put a bomb under conventional retailing, publishing and cloud storage services. But to achieve such amazing external success, Amazon needs the internal culture of constant challenging, constant change. How do they do it?

PSA: By 2014, PSA, owners of the Peugeot and Citroën brands, was in deep financial trouble: we outline new CEO Carlos Tavares' plan to transform the business. Will he succeed?